CAMp StAff

Meet the CYC Adult Staff

Our program has been blessed with a very stable staff for the last 15 plus years. Camp staff are all volunteers using their precious annual leave or leave away from work, job, and summer to mentor at camp. 

We traditionally have approximately 50/50 private business owner or employees to government/teacher staff ratio. We are obviously blessed with our teachers who brings a nice balance to the staff, plus we get a lot of kids (campers) through the classroom connection! Our large, dependable staff means we retain an almost 2:1 (kid to staff) ratio.

Meet the 2020 Camp Staff!

John and Judy Bergvall, Camp Directors
Marci Elefritz, Music Director

Ron Whitehall                                              Hannah May
Brennan Harper                                           Laurie Bergvall
David Bergvall                                              Kristie Alt
Aimee McIntyre                                           Maggie Campbell
Jerry Blake                                                    Keri May
Scott May                                                       Luz Lopez
Maureen O’Brien                                         Nora Campbell
Jill Camargo