camp rules & Safety

The CYC Camp Rules

The directors and staff of the Capitol Youth Chorale Summer Music Camp want your camper’s week to be filled with new experiences, new friends, and fun. For sixty-five people to enjoy their week at camp together there are a few rules that we must all live by.

Please review the following rules with your camper. Our “Camp House Rules” will be explained on the first day in addition to the ones below.

  1. Campers will cooperate with all adult staff.
  2. Attendance at instructional sessions and other activities is expected.
  3. Campers will respect the privacy of others. Boys and girls are not permitted in each other’s dorms nor are campers allowed to visit staff housing without permission. 
  4. Campers will respect the State Park facility and the rules for its use.
  5. Campers will observe the “buddy system” at all times and obtain permission from a staff member before leaving the building for any reason.
  6. Swimming and wading are not permitted.
  7. Smoking, illegal drugs, intoxicants, and firearms are not permitted in camp or the State Park.

Health and Safety Q&A

  • Is there a camp nurse on site? 
    No. Many staff are First Aid trained. If your child is injured or becomes so ill that an emergency room visit is required, you will be contacted immediately. 
  • What happens if my child has a food allergy or special diet? 
    CYC staff will work with your camper and provide a menu for them. Please contact us to discuss any existing conditions.
  • My child takes medication daily. How can I ensure that they will take it while at camp? 
    The CYC camp director will collect your child’s medication at check in (please mark carefully and put in a zip-lock bag with campers name) to ensure it’s taken at prescribed times. These medications will be returned to your child at the conclusion of camp.
  • What is the camper to staff ratio? 
    The typical average ratio is 1 staff to 3 campers. 

In case of Emergency

If you have an emergency and need to reach us, leave a message at the Park Office  1-360-385-3701 or 1-360-385-1259

Though cellphone access is limited on the park property, if you have an extreme emergency contact the camp director’s cell phone message number: 1-360-481-1898.