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cyc Summer camp Celebrating 41 years

The Capitol Youth Chorale will hold its 41st annual summer camp at Fort Flagler Historical State Park Environmental (Retreat) Learning Center at Camp Richmond from July 8th-July 13th! Our camp is open to both boys and girls ages 9-13.

What's Happening at Camp this Year

MUSIC, crafts, Activities
& fun in the sun

A Week at Fort Flagler State Park 

Founded in 1978, Capitol Youth Chorale Summer Music Camp is one of the longest running summer camps in Washington state. We host campers ages 9-14 for a week of music, crafts, activities and fun in the sun. We don’t allow phones or screens at camp, meaning kids connect with each other and the land in new and meaningful ways. 

If you are not familiar with Fort Flagler it is a truly special place in Washington. We utilize the housing and buildings that were constructed in World War II to fortify and protect the Puget Sound.  The weather is always perfect at Fort Flagler, the sounds and surf inspire - it's the perfect setting to create a special time for both the kids and staff.

More About CYC Camp

Meet Our 2019 Staff

The program has been blessed with a wonderful staff members for the last 15 plus years. CYC Summer Camp is a non-profit organization, and we rely on our volunteers to make camp run smoothly. Our dedicated staff spend their their teaching holidays or precious annual leave away from their businesses and jobs at camp with us. It's a chance for all of us to reconnect, unwind, and have some fun! 

Meet 2019 Camp Staff